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It is very easy to get a free membership in Club Penguin. We have made this tool available to everyone, because we believe, that no one should pay the price for a membership in Club Penguin. You do not have to enter your username, password or anything anywhere. This website generates membership codes for the game Club Penguin and you can redeem them on the official website.

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How to get free Membership in Club Penguin?

Getting your free membership can be pretty hard when using other websites, but not when it comes to this one. All you basically have to do is click on a big blue button that generates a membership code or card code for Club Penguin. That's how easy it is. We constantly update the generator, so it works all the time. So, get your free membership by pressing the big blue button above, and then just follow the steps on the page. Enjoy!

Why even get a Membership?

Do you want to be one of the special, cool or insert an awesome word here kind of penguins, then you should totally grab that membership now. Club Penguin is a game filled with people that are free players, this means that they cannot buy anything in the game, which makes them look bad. It can be expensive to get a membership, that's why this site exists. So, supercharge your penguin now, and get that membership. You will be able to buy puffles and many other things!


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